about me...


...is just an article about stations and parts of my life wich seems a little bit interesting for others and important for myself, of course.

Born in 1965 means that you are close under the age of 60 right now and a typical curriculum vitae would just pull out a long list of dates, numbers and events, nobody wants to read at all.
Stories like hanging out with Leonard Bernstein on a saturday afternoon and telling jokes in the garden of the german ambassy in Moscow could be much more interesting and make sense for students because it blows pictures in your head and hopefully inspires you for making much more interesting music.
The real keyword is "metaphores" ! If you teach and perform always with pictures in your mind, you will not get nervous and you will be able to play much more interesting as if you work with technical advices only.
Of course, you need to know what you are doing with your instrument! And especially last year I recovered many logical, physical and biological phenomenons in playing the trombone with my very best friend and mentor Jay Friedman, principal trombonist of the Chicago Symphony for 55 years.
That shows up cristal clear that you are always learning and you have to proof your playing every day again.
All supposed fame is only sound and smoke from yesterday, except the experience you collected over the years.
I try to keep my input as positive as possible and stay always open minded.
I love these words from my wonderful L.A. time teacher Ralph Sauer:
"make your goal in music, not in trombone playing."

-- Hubertus --